Baby steps into the blogosphere

Huddled over a grubby laptop, illuminated by a single, cheap, energy-saving light-bulb, a gaunt, disheveled teen with unkempt, scruffy hair and cheap, supermarket-purchased clothes, types at a mere few words per minute.  And with every sentence comes a rephrase here, a reword there, an addition or removal there.  And finally he surveys his work, critical and calculating, and realises in the past half hour he has made exactly no net progress towards completing the post.

Of course I am that teen.  I’m not a blogger.  I’m not a skilled writer at all.  There’s a running joke amongst my friends that I am in fact illiterate, and I’m just incredibly lucky in that when I throw letters onto a page they appear in an acceptable order.  I don’t expect this to last long – a week maybe, two tops.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog.  I’m just not very confident in my staying power.  I’ve heard that most blogs die before a year.  I’ll be lucky to last a fraction of that.  Lets just take this one step at a time.

Baby steps.

I wanted to jump in right at the deep end.  I wanted to get a full on and do the full blogging whammy – personal domain, personalized design, maybe even personal hosting.  I decided to reign myself in somewhat.  Hosting myself would be out of the question – my family are almost conciensious when it comes to saving electricity, and that generally means computers are off overnight, turned off at the wall if we remember.  A domain would also be absurd at this stage of the precedings – what use would spending a valued few pounds on a domain name for a blog that has gathered dust be the end of the first month.  However choosing to deny myself site design access was a much tougher decision.  DIY web design does add a hugely homey feel to the site, and I do enjoy it – I was part of a team that came in the top 16 accross the whole of England (maybe even the UK, I’m not sure) in a web design competition 3 or 4 years ago.  Though that’s not to say I’m good at it – looking back now the site looked atrocious, and I believe it was our ideas for the content on the site that got us where we were.  In the end, I weighed up the options and had to concede that if I wanted to be successful as a blogger I needed to start small and put up with someone else’s visuals.  Truth be told, if I did self-design the blog, I’d get so bogged down in aesthetics that I’d only be digging the site’s early grave.

So here I am.  My little corner of the blogging neighborhood of the great cosmopolitan internet metropolis.  Its a little box-apartment at the moment, in the rough-and-ready tower block built to accommodate all the first time buyers.  My immediate concern is to make myself at home, bring in my own furniture and spruce up the wallpaper – get comfy.

Maybe, one day, I might invest in some real internet real-estate.


~ by Dominic on 16 September, 2008.

One Response to “Baby steps into the blogosphere”

  1. You’re quite possibly one of the most talented illiterate writers I know. :O And you are a very skilled writer, even if you are illiterate. :P

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