Whats in my Feeds Folder – XKCD

Today’s post heralds the beginning of the first Dangerously Facetious series, where I’ll look through my rss feeds folder, pick out a good one, and dedicate a post to it.

And the first site I bring to you for your inspection is a webcomic that has long tickled my funny bone.  I give to you XKCD!

Starting of as scans of a physics student’s doodles, the stickmen, a constant fear of velociraptor attack,  red spiders and a boy in a barrel quickly gained internet fame.  It has now come to such a point that I think it might actually be the 2nd biggest webcomic around (I’d love to cite my source, but I can’t remember where it came from), and it totally deserves it.  Randal Munroe, the genius behind it all, posts comics on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule, and as such his comics occasionally lack some of the detail of his original sketches but none of the wit has been lost.  Comics span a wide range topics, from complicated maths, science or computing, through internet humour and general life, to the just plain obscure and random

An example (though it was really hard to pick just one, and I changed my mind about 3 or 4 times):

Words that end in GRY

Munroe always (so don’t forget to check) uses an image’s title tag to expand (or often explain) the joke, and I’ve included that here so hover over the image to see what else he had to say.

So my advice to you is spend and afternoon or two flicking through the entire back catalogue of comics, and let the hilarity ensue.  If you are half the geek I am you’ll find a good percentage of them funny.  Of course, being half the geek I am is no mean feat, but I’m sure you’ll all manage with a few of the more commonly-themed strips.

And so, keeping the linux feel of my last post, I close with this:

Linux User at Best Buy

Linux User at Best Buy

Goodnight everyone!


~ by Dominic on 20 September, 2008.

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