Dusting the dusty dust of this dust-covered blog

I like blog dust.  I think I might become a collector.  Of course, this is more a reference to the fact that I never post here than the fact that I have a dust plant growing in the corner somewhere.

Now having won the award for the most uses of the word ‘dust’ (and derivatives thereof) in the first 50 words of a post, I’ll get on with things, starting with getting the excuses out of the way.  I’ve been busy.  Why else would I not post for over a month.  Now if you know me, you’ll now that by “I’ve been busy”, I mean “I’ve been lazy”, and it is true that, despite my blogging without obligation previous post, there are things I could have said to at least achieve a semblance of blog life.  And as a matter of fact, that’s roughly what I’m doing now, just to keep the critics (i.e. Ben and Hannah) happy.

So “what have I been doing?”, I pretend to hear you ask, in a figure of speech indicating that I’m about to explain what I’ve been doing.  The inevitable answer, is as such.  Not much.  College work mostly.  Or really, pretending to do college work.  I’m now dreadfully behind.  My own fault.

I am, thankfully, not quite sad enough to spend every waking hour doing work.  The lion’s share of the spare time I don’t blow idly surfing the web is taken up fixing my laptop.  Or at least it was.  In an epic series of unmentioned misadventures, my laptop and I spent a good amount of quality time together as I delved into it’s depths to sort out it’s various quirks, culminating in me accidentally killing the graphical user interface completely and getting some very disappointed looks from my slightly my slightly-more-computer-competent friends.  But in an odd turn of events, after a day of four operating system reinstalls, somehow everything is working – the WIFI, the graphics card, the sound, everything and what’s most surprising is that it is managing it simultaneously.

I also learnt the best way to mess up building a binary keyboard, which is a story in itself (and will if I can be bothered, become one in post form to grace this blog).  What I haven’t done, which is mounting in urgency, is build my robot and done the “learnt a lot from it” that I mentioned on my personal statement.

I also happened to turn 18, with the only effects being that I’ve been able to sign my own medical form and that I’ve had Hannah complaining that my About Me page is out of date.

Ultimately I haven’t been doing a lot with my time.  Compared to my cousin, who completed the nanowrimo competition and churned out 50K words resembling a novel in November *cough*geek*cough*, I’m hugely unproductive.  You know what I say to that: procrastination is an artform that is to be perfected, and I think I’m getting good at it.

EDITED 3/12/08, to remove an unexplained repetition of most of the post


~ by Dominic on 1 December, 2008.

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