Yawn… Whazza time… OH NO!

That’s a lame title.

But I don’t care.

This doesn’t get read often anyway, apart from by poor misguided souls who collapse here after chasing some obscure web keywords.  Yep, this is a big shout out to all you poor misguided souls who have collapsed here mistakenly.

Apparently a month and a half has gone by without me posting here.  IT has been a busy month, and I still continue to blog without obligation.  So I’ve been procrastinating again, it’s true.I have been busy with university mumbo-jumbo, ended up getting a place at Oxford uni with an offer that basically said get that A in Physics and you’re in.  Which is pretty good.

I’ve finally got round to applying for a year in industry, which is a relief since I was way too apathetic and left it really late; I’m still worried that I might have missed my chance, but at least it’s sent off now.

And I’m in the middle of my January exams.  And I really can’t be bothered to revise for them.  Even physics, which is the only one that matters now.

In tech news, my phone is dying.  Big wow.  Thats some big news.  Well it is, if you consider it’s almost pushing me to buy a new one, and my current one is two and a half years old now.  I’m trying to hold out just a bit longer till I can afford to pick up an awesome smartphone – I really like the open source Google Android, and I’d love to have something with that on (especially because its the only phone that would ever let me write python on the go).

Though my affection towards Google, with it as my search engine of choice, with it providing my e-mail account, with it possibly running my mobile phone, and with it eventually in a browser I use (once Chrome gets released on Linux), I am rather putting all of my eggs in the one basket.  If they were to belly-up because of the reccession or break the company vow of ‘Don’t be evil’, I’d be royally scuppered.  Hmm…  rather them than Microsoft (speaking of which, check out this).

And speaking of web comics, my I wholeheartedly recommend a certain Dr Mcninja – another feast of wit and humor, presented in a clinical black-and-white package.  Where else would you find the phrase “Ninjas can’t catch me if I’m on fire!”.

Reverting once again to the topic of phones, my network is being a pain.  Let me explain.  I’m on a network called blyk, which is a small network for 16-24 year olds and gives us all a large sum of free minutes and texts. Or at least it did.  I used to get 217 free texts and 43 free minutes for totally free as long as I agreed to receive a small amount of adverts to my phone.  And yet in the past few days they have revised their system to give us £15 of credit, claiming they were making the service better by making it more flexible.  Now lets do some math:  £15.00 / 8p (the price of a text) = 187 which is LESS than what I had before, and I get no free minutes.  I don’t call that an improvement.  OK, you actually get a few extra minutes if you waste them all on calls, but I don’t and I don’t think many other people do as well.  Now if we were to get the same ammount of minutes and texts as we did before, we’d need 217*8p + 43*24p = 27.68, which is almost twice as much as what we actully get.  So I’m rather annoyed.  Now ok, maybe it’s getting expensive for them, but I’d be a lot more happy if they didn’t try to pass of cutting things down as improvements.

Now if  you have been moved by this misconduct towards the poor students of the UK, please sign this petition

And finally, as I made an massive mistake when choosing the topic for my A2 Computing Coursework and ended up doing something inconceiveably over-ambitious, I now have a minor presence on Stack Overflow.  If you happen to be a 1337 wxPython haxxor please answer my question.  And of course there are other questions for you non-wxPython 1337 haxxors out there if you want to take the time to help some random off the interweb.

Right I’m off,

Stay classy San Diego!


~ by Dominic on 19 January, 2009.

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