Dominic is using his laptop, trawling the web for something vaguely interesting.

Dominic is going to the toilet.

Dominic is back again, idling around the internet.

Interesting?  Not really.

I don’t get Twitter.  Supposedly people are interested in the minor ins-and-outs of my life.  But I don’t find me interesting.  I can’t see how anyone else would.

OK, so maybe if I was off in the wild, exploring the unknown and discovering all sorts of crazy new places, maybe then I’d have something worth mentioning.  But unless ‘the wild’ was the Lancashire countryside, where I might just about have enough signal to be able to post using my archaic mobile phone’s GPRS web connection and WAP browser, I’d have no way of accessing this web service to tell you all about it.

I can’t understand the hype around it.  I can’t understand how it’s exploding in popularity.  I guess it must just be one of those things that work for other people, but would never work for me, like every other social network I’ve tried or been asked to try, like every instant messenger that I’ve used for a bit but got bored of.

It’s not for me.


~ by Dominic on 20 February, 2009.

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