Arbitrary About Me Page

And now, to fill my sorrily-empty looking pages widget on my sidebar I present some miscellaneous blurb to fill that sorry empty space.

What do I say really.  I’m 18, a bit of a geek, at 6th form college and currently applying for uni.  I do lots of everything, but so much so that I never complete anything.

Currently I’m supposed to be building a robot following the $50 dollar robot tutorial by the Society of Robots.  In reality, including all the expendables it’s costing me £100ish, so I’m not a happy puppy.  Its rather urgent now, since I’ll need to talk about it if I manage to get an Oxford interview which’ll be in two weeks time (eek!).

I’m a bit of a programmer, my language of choice being Python, and I am running Ubuntu Linux on my laptop that I use day to day.  I support the YAML data serialisation format, having read an article about XML being abused, though I’ve never had to use it (as of yet – I’ve got ideas, mainly in the form of level data for a computer game I’d like to write, but that’s just another farfetched idea added onto the huge mind of things I’ll never get done, which also includes watching every single stargate episode, though there are enough of them to last a lifetime).

I really want a pair of jumping stilts/kangaroo boots/whatever-you-call-ems

And I’m a bit of a fan of Firefox.

And thus concludes the miscellaneous, space filling blurb.

Have a nice day.


  • First written 17 Sept 08
  • Edited 1 Dec 08

4 Responses to “Arbitrary About Me Page”

  1. im really enjoying reading this, and im not being sarcastic. keep it up man


  2. Your blog made me smile after a long day … please keep writing :)

    ps. illiterate you are most definitely not

  3. Dom you have to change your ‘Arbitrary about me page’ because you are no longer 17 but … aha … 18!!! Don’t have a clue what was with the aha but there we go. x

  4. On the one hand, yes this is true, I am 18 now, and should change things. On the other, I’ve still got coursework to do.

    I know which is more fun, more mentally stimulating and generally more bearable, but I know that if I let myself get distracted any more than I am, which is a fair amount already, I’ll be consigning myself to failure.

    So, back to work, or at least back to trying to work.

    And to everyone: I will update this, and probably post something on the blog, in the near future, once I’ve got my immediate troubles out the way.


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